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• 2/20/2015

Discussion for "I Am a Bird Now" (February 12, 2015)

I Am a Bird Now:
Backstrom and the team at the Special Crimes Unit investigate the murder of a prominent member of Portland's LGBT community - a drag queen Internet blogger named Jenna Rose. Backstrom declares the murder a hate crime, and the investigation takes an unsuspected turn when Backstrom's tenant, Gregory Valentine, becomes a suspect. Meanwhile, Backstrom has to testify in front of the Civilian Oversight Committee, regarding his shooting of a suspect from a previous case. Heading the newly formed committee is his ex-fiance, Amy Gazanian, all of which results in severe anxiety attacks for Backstrom.

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• 3/21/2015
Is it me or there is an error in this episode with Niedermayer that doesn't know Gregory Valentine. They met in episode 2 "Bella" ?
• 5/31/2015

This must of been supposed to be episode 2.

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