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Gregory Valentine.png
Gregory Valentine
Status Alive
Occupation Antiques dealer
Family Everett Backstrom (brother)
Blue Backstrom (father)
Louise 'Lou' Finster (mother)
Actor Thomas Dekker

Gregory Valentine, simply referred to as "Val", serves as Everett Backstrom's tenant and his underworld connection. Val is also Backstrom's half brother. He's gay, and has been known to hit on Peter Niedermayer, first as a bet with Backstrom to "turn him" and now based on his own attraction.


Early life[]

Gregory "Val" has lived with Everett Backstrom for 7 years[1]. His mother was a prostitute when Backstrom met her. [2] When he was first on the street, Val was abducted by a man who kept him for three days, branding him with cigarette burns across his body that he has since covered with tattoo's, and it is implied that he was sexually abused during his captive days. Val states that he has never been looked at with so much love than by his kidnapper, even when the man was abusing him. He states that the man has been dead for 10 years, implying that he was abused in his late teens. He managed to escape in his own words, because he was fast and lucky. He stated that there are worse boogeyman out there than his.[3]

Living with Backstrom[]

Gregory showed Backstrom a collection of watches, claiming one is real and the rest are knockoffs. He was shocked when he caught his friend eating broccoli. Valentine was then told about Backstrom's prescription to make a new friend but was told he couldn't do that. He was then told all the watches are knock offs. Days later, Valentine went to visit Backstrom at work to check up on him.[2]



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