Nadia Paquet
Nadia Paquet
Status Alive
Occupation Tech-Savvy at Portland Police Department
Actor Beatrice Rosen

Nadia Paquet is a tech-savvy French immigrant who works as a civilian with the Portland Police Department.[1] She also serves as Everett Backstrom's "medicinal" friend after Deb Chaman prescribed Backstrom to get one.

It was revealed in the episode Ancient, Chinese, Secret that her real name was Aurelie, which was changed to Nadia Paquet after fleeing France from a man trying to track her down. With the help of the FBI, she was successful.

But when a super psychic from China named Jinjing Fei, who claims to have been the killer of Davis Gu which was false, hands fortunes to each member of the S.C.U team, including Nadia. Nadia's fortune says "He is still looking for you". The fortune is telling her that the man that was tracking her down is still hot on her tail.

Trivia Edit

  • "I'm on it, hobbit!"
  • Nadia tends to get common figures of speech wrong, mainly because she is a French immigrant.


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