Nicole Gravely
Nicole Gravely
Status Alive
Occupation Detective at Portland Police Department
Actor Genevieve Angelson

Sergeant Nicole Gravely is a Detective with the Portland Police Department.


Working with BackstromEdit

When Backstrom officially declared Tobias Percival III's suicide a probable homicide, Gravely asked what evidence he had, though she was reminded that with it being deemed a homicide, they'd get the help of the bureau. After asking Tobias Percival II some questions at the morgue, they investigate the victim's dorm room and find a pound of heroin and a thousand dollars enveloped to someone named Cass. Gravely then called all of Tobias' teammates and professors and learn he was well liked. Gravely and Backstrom then pay a visit to Eugene Visser to ask him questions. Eventually Gravely was forced to break Visser's finger, forcing the two to leave. The following day, Gravely asked Backstrom to cover for her, saying he defended her. Later, Gravely and Backstrom visit a strip club to question Cassandra Lastrange, only to learn later Cassandra was her false name. After Backstrom interrogated Charles Turner, they go to apprehend Visser, though Gravely was shot, forcing Almond to get her out of harms way. Backstrom, Niedermayer, and Gravely then locate Toby's revolver and learn the gun was sabotaged. After Backstrom had Catherine confess to sabotaging the revolver, Gravely arrested her.[1]

Gravely and the S.C.U. arrive at the scene of an arson crime. Gravely was shocked when she found Backstrom drinking vodka from the house that was burnt. She was shocked one again when Backstrom came to the conclusion that the arsonists are firefighters who had been starting fires to loot from them. Nicole and Niedermayer go to question Melinda Norburg, a local fire artist. They realize she was mentally insane and take her advice to stake the house as Melinda stated pyrophiliacs love the aftermath of a fire. Gravely took Moto to stake out the burned house where they found Martin Phinney. After beginning a theory that the arsonist started in Seattle, they believed that Martin moved from Seattle and they pulled out the Seattle arson files. After discussing with arson investigator Samantha Orland, they came to a conclusion that the arsonist is Melinda as she uses a similar method as the arsonist. After Backstrom had falsely arrested Sam D'Agostino, noted how he was arrested for stealing a watch similar to one Backstrom had showed her earlier. The following day, Gravely was shocked when Backstrom admitted he was wrong about the arsonist and thieves being the same person. She then learned that Orland had lied to her when Backstrom realized that Orland had been in Seattle during the time of the fires there, and being the arson inspector would allow her to state that the arsonist used different methods from the one actually used. Gravely and the S.C.U. arrest the arson investigator.[2]


Nicole Gravely is ambitious and the "yin" to Everett Backstrom's "yang".[3]



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