Takes one to know one
Takes One to Know One
Episode number 3
Original airdate February 5, 2015
Writer Hart Hanson
Director Randall Zisk
Preceded by "Bella"
Followed by "I Am a Bird Now"
Production Order
Preceded by "Dragon Slayer"
Followed by "I Am a Bird Now"
RealWorld S1

"Takes One to Know One" is the third episode of the first season of Backstrom. It aired on February 5, 2015.


When a youth pastor is found murdered at a church, Backstrom and his team at the Special Crimes Unit must solve the case while navigating the tenuous terrain of a possible cult. Meanwhile, Backstrom's ex-fiance, Amy Gazanian, is recruited by the Chief of Police to head up the newly formed Civilian Oversight Committee with the task of investigating questionable conduct within the Police Bureau, pitting Backstrom's squad against hers.[1]


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