Tobias Percival III
Tobias Percival III
Status Deceased
Occupation Student
Family Tobias Percival II
Actor Keenan Tracey

Tobias Percival III was the son of Oregon senator Tobias Percival II. He was thought to have committed suicide but was actually murdered. Everett Backstrom had officially declared his death to be a probable homicide before finding his murderer.


When Percival was found dead hanging off a bridge, Everett Backstrom stated that the suicide was instead a homicide. This was soon backed up by evidence when Peter Niedermayer discovered heroin in Percival's sinus cavities. After questioning Percival's father, it was discovered that he was in love with somebody. Nicole Gravely and Backstrom investigate Percival's dorm room and discover a pound of heroin stuffed inside and a thousand dollars (addressed to "Cass"). It later turned out that the heroin discovered in the dorm room matched that found in Percival's body and that he taken four cash withdrawals over the past five weeks totaling $52,800. Gravely began calling Percival's teammates and professors, including his ex-girlfriend all of which said he was a good guy and a good student